CORONA VIRUS: A Pandemic with a Dynamic Opportunity

In the year 1665, a great plague hit London. At this period, a 22 year old Issac Newton was studying at the Trinity College, Cambridge and to prevent the contagious disease from spreading further, London city was locked down, so Newton’s school sent all of its student home.

This plague was to last about a year, so the 22-year-old mathematician was going to be depressed. No, he wasn’t depressed because he kept himself busy, busy looking for opportunities right amid the plague. It was during this terrible time that Issac Newton wrote the paper that went on to become the early Calculus and also sprung his Theories of Optics. It was during this lonely time that Newton propounded the theory of Gravity and motion, needless to say without the plaque there might never have been Issac Newton brand as we know it today.

The Purpose of this post is to motivate and help you see how you can turn this period of Global pandemic to your time of dynamic opportunities.
Warren Buffet said, “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful” this means learn to go against the tide, Learn to see opportunity in adversity. But then how?
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Corona Virus: A Drift Or A Gift To Humanity

3.Think and Reflect:-
I have observed very well that one of the common attributes of great and successful men of both then and now, is their thinking ability. I know that you have been doing your studies very well to know that every man that has ever achieved greatness does that by either an innovative or creative ability which are both products of thinking.
Bill Gates twice every year do take a week alone in the bush to think and reflect, he calls it ‘Thinking weeks’. Steve Job, after he was sacked from the company he founded, took out time to think and see what he could do better and he did something that made Apple company to partner with Him and he became a co-founder. Jack Mac the Chinese richest man, after being rejected for over thirty times by different employers, looked inward and brought out what the world know as Alibaba today.

This is a period that we need to engage our mental faculty in thinking, asking our individual selves questions like:
•What don’t I know about myself yet?
•What is it that I can do to be greater and better than this in life?
•What if this is my end, what will I regret doing or not doing?
•What more can I do with my life to be successful
•What is humanity likely to resolve to after the pandemic?
•How can you rightly position yourself to render unavoidable value during and after the pandemic?
•What are the values that need to be rebranded to suit the current world trend?
These are the kind of thoughts that birth ideas and keeps a man relevant, come what may. Remember, shallow thinking produces shallow living.
Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is Everything” therefore try to engage your mind in thinking, knowing that to be successful you must be useful and to be useful you must be thoughtful

4. Pray:-

Prayer as we know is the duty of humanity that birth permission for the divinity to carry out their activities according to their unlimited capacity in the territoriality of the mortal entities. As we know that prayer brings the hand of God on the affairs of men. I’m a person that believes that circumstances shouldn’t dictate our prayer but that our prayer should dictate our circumstances.

A man said “if there’s a man to pray then there’s a God to answer”. At this point where nobody seems to know the cure or an end to this global pandemic, we need to pray, we need to ask God for the healing of those already infected and the cure for this virus. A part of the Christian holy book says we should cast all our anxieties on God for he cares for us, another part says we should call upon him and he will answer us.
Whatever your knowledge of God is, JUST PRAY. I actually believe that when we pray, we grow from being a thermometer which is always subjected to the temperature (Circumstances) of its surrounding to become a Thermostat which dictate the temperature of its surrounding.

5. Remain Motivated:-
Mr. Honda was a very poor student who had a dream of designing piston rings to sell for Toyota Corporation. After many years of working day and night he succeeded in designing one which was totally rejected by Toyota and this sent him back to school to suffer humiliation by his teachers and friends telling him he was an idiot for designing such a ridiculous gadget.
After two years he succeeded in designing another one which was bought by Toyota. This made Mr. Honda make plans of establishing his own factory, but things didn’t work out. Though he later struggled alongside some of his friends to build one but the factory was bombed during the WW2 and even after rebuilding it, it was leveled up by an earthquake. This forced him to sell his piston operation to Toyota.

Few years later he succeeded in producing a motorbike with a loan he collected from 3,000 bicycle owners and guess what, the motorbike was said to be too big and bulky so only few people bought it, oh what a loss. But he didn’t give up, he remained optimistic and therefore produced another one and wow, this one became an overnight success for him.
Today Mr. Honda’s Corporation now employ over 100,000 people and outsells all except Toyota Cars all because he refused to lose hope.

Winton Churchill defined success as “moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”. Folks, don’t allow the news to decide your perspective to life. Warren Buffet said “Life is not fair, get used to it”. Resilient ability always birth excellent productivity. Obviously everyone knows that things aren’t going the way they should, I am aware of the fact that things seem not to be friendly at this time, I can see that it is now difficult to do things that give us happiness and great delight. However what I will say is “don’t lose hope, be encouraged”. Better still, let me encourage you that you and I will make it out of this global pandemic, you will still achieve that success this year. Remember that a drift can be turned to a gift, only remain optimistic.

We see that during his days in the prison that lasted for almost 3 decades, Nelson Mandela didn’t lose hope, he remained motivated and positive about life and by that he turned his drift to gift. My dear, don’t lose hope, just don’t be idle, your success will shock and shake the world. You won’t die of poverty, no. That lack won’t kill you. If those guys like Steve Job, Jeff Benzo, Henry Ford, Jack Mac, Myles Munroe, Good luck Jonathan, Sam Adeyemi, Mike Adenuga among others can make it greatly, you can and you will. The world is waiting for you to arise. We believe in you, please believe in yourself.
Hold on to this, there’s no cloud without a silver lining, there’s no drift without a gift.
In as much as you’re to avoid complacency, stop generalizing failure.
You can be the saviour the world needs.

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      As always another beautiful piece from you. Thanks for taking out your time to bless us with this

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        I must say this is an awesome piece. I didn’t expect less from you though. If there’s a man to pray definitely there’s a God to answer our prayers.
        Keep the good work going

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      Great article and very inspiring
      Thank you Sir for this

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    This is so inspiring
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      Wow….. nice write-up bro…
      This word is timely at such a season as this….
      This is the time to get to know who you are and bring out the best in you…..
      Remember, this season will soon end …. What will you have achieved after the lockdown??… Thanks bro

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    This is an early morning blessing for me. It’s a seed of greatness. Elizion, thank you so much sir.

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    Hmmm, there’s gold within, only if you can have an internal brainstorming meeting with your self.

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    This is a must-read for all in this season we are in. Thanks, Elisight

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    This is really good, more inspiration and more revelation by His grace.

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    Nice one Elizion.
    Love you dearly.
    Nice piece.
    More Grace Sir ๐Ÿ™‡โ€โ™€๏ธ

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    “if thereโ€™s a man to pray then thereโ€™s a God to answer”
    Wow, it’s awesome sire
    It’s fabulous
    A period to bring out the best in us
    More auction to function sir

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    Wow.. this is superb inspiration ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ, God bless you and increase your anointing

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    A nice piece, Thanks for sharing your thought with us. This is a timely write-up, More grace Sir.

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