Corona Virus: A Drift Or A Gift To Humanity

The outbreak of corona virus has put the whole world to a stand still. Every sphere of humanity has in one way or the other been affected by the pandemic.
Even the world powers are trembling. America for the first time in centuries raise alarm of shortage.
Streets are empty,churches are closed,everybody is a suspect, stores are locked up, poverty on the rise especially in Africa and hunger the lot of an average citizen ,everything becomes digital.

Experts and non-experts alike have no difficulty in predicting global recession after COVID-19. And of course, it’s not far fetched.

Every average mind will be swift to respond drift if asked whether COVID-19 is a drift or gift to humanity. Obvious is this even to the blind guy.
And with the prediction of the global recession after the pandemic, it’s not certain when humanity will bypass the effect of this plague.

Beyond every reasonable doubt, COVID-19 comes with a lot of negativity. Nevertheless, there are hidden opportunities in there, only a trained mind can see, and do you know that one of the things that make men great is the ability to turn a drift to a gift. The fact that the global pandemic is a DRIFT makes it a good opportunity to press out the juice in it, we need to understand that one of the advantages of this issue is Free time. It has given us time alone which if well utilized, can transform our life ultimately. Don’t be surprised if you see that many people become great and far successful after this pandemic. It is not luck but it’s because they do what you are either not aware of or that you refused to do
So what and what can you do to turn the drift period to a gift period of your life?

Bill Gates once said he knows where the world is going and he went to wait for it. To turn this drift to favour you, you must


I would have said ‘ read ‘ but then reading is not learning as much as learning is not reading. Reading is not as universal as learning because not everyone can read but everyone can surely learn.
You see, one of the essential things we must do this time is to learn. Why?

  • Learning decides your growth level. This implies that if we don’t stop learning, we will not only be going through this situation but growing through it. The habit of learning is highly essential.

The altitude of your learning decides the magnitude of your earning because learning increases your intelligence level in the sectors of your focus which guarantee your development. One of the most tragic things is to meet someone after a long period of time and see that he/she hasn’t improved. We say something like “haaaaaaaa so you haven’t changed”. Well I’m sure you want to resume school or your work as an improved person.

You can only achieve this by learning because through learning you get to know what others don’t know and by that you can do what others can’t do which in turn results into you having the kind of success others don’t/can’t have, therefore keep learning. Don’t stop learning no matter what because though learning won’t change your life in a day, it surely will change your days for life.

  • Learn to see ahead, like the Word of Bill gate “see where the word is going and be the first to get there for only then can you lead others”
  • Learn to check for opportunities.
  • Learn to keep your head up above and ahead of the troubles.
  • Be a life-long learner. Refuse tograduate from the university of the universe.To really develop yourself, you have to commit yourself to daily growth.Keepon growing daily. Everyday that comes, you must be determined to grow In theknowledge of God, in your career, in Financial Education; Relationships. Keep on running.Keep on flying.Keep on swimming.For, not to Run is to Rot.Not to Fly is to Fall. Not to Swim is to Sink.Continue to Know, till you are Known for what you.


One of the dominant slogan of the town right now is to be careful but may I please tell you that you shouldn’t just be careful but also caring . People want to know how much you care before they care about how much you know. We shouldn’t allow this time of isolation bring separation between us and our loved ones, that’s not the best. As we know that the proof of care is the ability to discern, let us show more concern, see ways to offer support to people, chat up your friends and those on your contact to know how they’re coping render the little help you can, Never be so busy as not to think of others.From caring comes courage though truly caring people know they have to take care of themselves first but remember what goes around always comes around and to get more in life you have to give more. Even as you carry out your business, follow what Howard Schultz once said, “we’re not in a coffee business serving people but rather we are in the business of People serving coffee”.

To be continue but till then please stay safe and Stay Positive

I am Ajibola Oluwatobi Elijah (ELIZION)
I Love You

Written by Elisight

I'm a very passionate and purpose driven personality; a proud Nigerian who is committed to helping and raising men in discovering their purposes and fulfilling destiny. My Anthem is LOVE.

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  1. Mayomi Reply

    Amazing job more wisdom and strength….wow impressive and educative.

  2. Tobi Reply

    Insightful. Eyes opening. Thanks for the sensitisation. May your pen never run dry

  3. Adebara Oluwatobiloba Reply

    This is a beautiful write up…. precise and straight to the point 🙌🏾

  4. Oluwamosaya Ifeoluwa Reply

    It’s awesome sir
    More strength sir💪💪

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