The problem of identity crisis and self definition or discovery is an age long one.Majority of sojourners on this planet earth live and die eventually without coming to a stable and satisfactory answer to the question; Why life? Or What’s the essence of life?.
Naturally, there is a deep longing within every man for FULFILMENT. But what to do to crystalize this reality for us becomes a puzzle. What confounds it the most is that what gives my colleague this satisfaction and fulfilment may not give me the same result. Hence I’ve got to discover mine and run my race on my own.The frustration that often comes with a futile search of one’s self has made man to create a mirage of replacement which I call universal pursuit. This includes; academic excellence, good marriage, wealth, affluence, power, fame, fun and entertainment.As good as all these seem to be, a few that have been able to achieve its peak still regret not being able to find FULFILMENT. This forces Voltaire to lament “childhood a mistake, manhood is a struggle, old age a regret…I wish I was never born.” What an agony can force such a powerful man to groan and mutter such a despicable utterance after living what we consider an ‘enviable’ life.Alexander the Great also has a similar experience. What then is life?A wise man once said “Truly everybody dies but not everybody truly live”.There are two major existential questions that everyone must not just ask but also ensure to provide the right answer to, failure to provide tangible and substantial answers to these two questions makes man to just exist without living. A. What is the meaning of life: What’s your knowledge about life? Do you know that life is not money, schooling, evil or any circumstances? There is this common slang that I will enjoy (chop) life, really? Do you know that enjoyment is not Life? Enjoyment, Endurance, Evil, Goodness, Peace, Sorrow etc aren’t life, they’re a product of what you do with Life. Well let me give you two definitions of life

1. Life is a gift: You don’t inherit or acquire life.

2. Life is a Stage (Stadium): selah

Having said that you need to understand that the difference between wrestling, boxing and sport  stadium is not first about the pattern but about the users. As a matter of fact, often time WWE do use Chelsea or Man U stadium for their show because the difference is not in the stadium but in the user.That means until a man is able to answer the next question, he/she will end up a waste.There are many people just living a life of sustainability because they lack the knowledge of who they are. The reason many great award winning politicians, students, civil workers, businessmen, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs etc fail to emerge is simply because of the knowledge of who you are.Now the next question is WHO ARE YOU? There are few things I will like to tell you about who you are, please follow me

1.YOU’RE NOT A MISTAKE: Have you ever felt like you were a mistake? Have your parents told you they wished you were never been born? Are you a child whose parents have told you”I wished you have died when you’re a baby”? Maybe you are even a bastard, born out of wedlock, probably you have been told you’re a product of failed family device or a product of rape. The first thing is for you to to understand that you are not a mistake. The fact that you were conceived is more important to God than how you were conceived. That God allow your conception is simply a matter of concern or don’t you think that God by his omnipotence will have prevented your conception or survival? Why didn’t your mum have a miscarriage with your pregnancy?You’re not a mistake friend, you’re simply a setup work of God.
2. YOU’RE A TREASURED CREATURE OF THE CREATOR:  There’s in value in you, you need to tell yourself this till you believe it that though you were born naked, the truth is you were not born empty. I know you heard or read that there’s a deposit of God in you but I tell you that you are the deposit of God on this planet Earth. Your worth is far above rubbish and you’re more valuable than the most costly gadget or element on Earth. God cherish you so much because you’re not just born in a ghetto over the hill no, you’re not a junk you’re a Jewelry. You’re valuable, you’re honourable in fact, you’re inevitably incredible.

I believe nobody is created to be wasted or small. Until you understand that there’s a reason for your living and that your destiny pre-existed your actual existence on Earth, you won’t be able to see yourself valuable.Having understand that you are not a mistake, you need to know that the reason you’re not a mistake is simply because you’re on assignment here on Earth.  There’s something you’re created for, there is a solution only you can provide, there is a problem only you can solve, believe me you’re specifically created for a specific assignment. Know what your Assignment is and you can’t but succeed once you’re diligent because the evidence of diligence is Excellence and Opulence. There’s something in you that the world can celebrate you for, just stand up and put that potential in you to work.”It’s not what you are but who you think you are not that is holding you back” (unknown writer)The real problem is that you have always believed that you are unfortunate because you’re not born in a well developed country but really that’s why you born. If we deploy our innate Ability, we can transform this country.  Remember, the world won’t celebrate you based on the location you reside but for the solution you provide. Three things are important to achieve fulfillment which are Investment, Environment and Deployment. Once you get this right, you can’t but continue to be successful in life.

Love your neighbour neighbour AS YOURSELF” (The Bible)

Until  you say I am nobody will say thou are” (Funke Felix Adejumo)
I’ve come to discover that it’s not good for you to celebrate everybody except You. See the difference between a Naira note, Dollar note and a Pounds note is not in the quality of the note or even based on the impact of those whose pictures is imprinted upon the notes but it’s in the value place upon them. See, believe it that you are worth celebrating, dont’ let your difference make you belittle yourself. Remember “Celebration is not a result of newness of life but of uniqueness of life and purpose”. Whoever refuses to help you in life is a bicycle, wait for your BentleyHowever, learn to add value to yourself because it is value that will help you to honor people without handling the driver seat of your life to them, value determines the kind of niche you fall to (association you keep).Value helps you know the Importance of investing in yourself, it educates you that to get ahead, you have to have something in your head and that there is a sense of confidence that comes with knowledge because you will suffer lack of self confidence if you are not consistent in engaging what can birth competence in You. Self Confidence Outside Competence is Arrogance.Invest in your ability today so that men can invest in your investment tomorrow, avoid those junk foods, if you’re not ready to be an artist stop spending 6hrs on movie daily, if you’re not ready to be a news caster or a mass communicator, then stop spending hours on social gists.Learn to value time because time can be wasted but time can’t be created, converting time to opportunities is what is call redeeming the time. Life is measure in time, remember “It’s not about how busy you are but what you do while you are busy.”Don’t celebrate yourself until you are ready to invest in yourself because nobody celebrates gold until it has been through the fire.Stop saying school is scam. It’s better to have a certificate you don’t need than needing a certificate you don’t have.The slothful man roasteth not that which he took in hunting: but the substance of a diligent man is precious.(Proverb)Don’t forget “You need to accept your ability with responsibility if you want to end up a celebrity in the community and vicinity of mortal entities”I believed you have been challenged by this post, if not for anything, to invest in yourself.
We love you and like to hear from you…. Your comment means a lot to us.Ajibola Oluwatobi Elijah (Elizion)(08140654049)

Written by Elisight

I'm a very passionate and purpose driven personality; a proud Nigerian who is committed to helping and raising men in discovering their purposes and fulfilling destiny. My Anthem is LOVE.

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  1. Olorunsola Jesutoyosi Gideon Reply

    This is awesome. Am not a mistake and my reason of existence will be fulfilled. God bless you bro. More grace sir

  2. Aremu Blessing Reply

    This is great sir
    I’ve really learnt a lot
    More insight

  3. Prudence peace Reply

    This is great! I’m not surprised, you’re graced bro.
    Knowing who we are is very crucial as discovering our purpose too. It’s a pity many people lived their lives without knowing who they are neither did they found their purpose. This is a great piece i would love everyone to read. Be challenged to know who you are!

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